3 ways to plant for wildlife wherever you live, according to sustainability consultant

Planting for wildlife can be an easy way to bring nature near to your home, and it’s also a good idea if you want the company of these amazing creatures around! If this summer is anything like past ones then there will likely still be plenty left outside just waiting on their next chance encounter with humans. The best time to make sure they’re happy? Start by planting flowers all over so that every corner has the beauty-in fact I recommend getting some ideas now before winter comes creeping up again.

Plant native

This is the simplest and most reliable rule to encourage wildlife into your outdoor space. Waddington says that ‘wherever you live, seeking out flowers which are native to your area will help you find the best plants for the best places and create a haven for native wildlife.

‘Native wildlife has adapted and evolved alongside the local plant life, so while non-natives might also provide food or nectar, shelter or habitat for wildlife too, native flowers and often the best possible options.’

Enjoy wildlife gardening – there aren’t any strict rules, and the more different types of flowers you have the better.

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