Opossum sighting in Ancaster

It’s February 14th, 2021, and where I live in Southern Ontario we have had a big dump of snow overnight.

This has exposed an entrance to someone’s home under our deck. I highly suspect it’s an Opossum. We have seen one at night on warmer nights scavenging for food. I consider this a great thing and do not consider it to be a pest in any way. They sure are odd-looking creatures though.

TIP: Opossums and possums are different animals. Opossums live in North America, while possums live in Australia and other countries. Both animals are marsupials, but possums are more closely related to kangaroos.

Opossum hole

Opossums eat dead animals, insects, rodents, and birds. They also feed on eggs, frogs, plants, fruits, and grain. As they are scavengers they will eat just about anything.

Opossum droppings average 1–2″ in length, are smooth on the sides, and maybe covered in white or yellowish mold growth. Fresh opossum droppings are brown in color.

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4 thoughts on “Opossum sighting in Ancaster”

  1. Have you seen it coming and going? If it’s the same one I met in your yard last summer, it was a very cute and un-rat-like opossum.
    (I have opossum and possum interchangeably – oops!)

  2. I enjoyed reading about your new outdoor pet! I think that is super cool that you are not trying to relocate or kill him! 🙂 YAY! I think they are super cute creatures but have never seen one! You should install a camera for a few days & get some live videos!


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