6 Spotted Tiger Beetle in Ancaster

Beautiful green beetle

We went on a nice hike today to the McMaster Forest, which has some very nice undisturbed areas. There is a prairie here with Big bluestem grass. McMaster Forest is a 115-acre property located at 1105 Lower Lions Club Road, Hamilton, and is owned by McMaster University. The property was designated as environmentally significant natural … Read more

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House wrens have returned

new birdhouse

Right on time, compared to last year, my family of wrens has returned to take up in one of my bird boxes. Of course, I have no way of knowing these are the same individuals, but I like to think so. Here’s a video of the pair beginning to make their nest. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/K3USsl1IKVU

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New Birdbox tenants!

Here we are in early May and suddenly there’s a flurry of activity in one of my (4) bird houses. Check out the video and see if you can guess what kind of birds these are. You will see both the male and the female.

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Nesting materials – Dos and Donts

bird nesting materials

Some springtime advice from Deborah C Sharp Please DO NOT offer yarn, string, or human hair for birds to build nests! Every year we see both young and adult birds being admitted to wildlife rehabilitators due to this. It can sometimes result in the bird losing their foot or entire leg from the yarn/string/hair slowly … Read more

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