Fox sightings in Ancaster

Red Fox

The year 2020 was quite something for the number of fox sightings near me in Ancaster, Ontario. Check out this video of several young foxes in my backyard, filmed May 20, 2020. They seem to really love the new mulch we put down. Sometimes one of the adult foxes would bother my cat. No actual … Read more

Coyote following behavior

coyote following

Has a coyote ever “followed” you or your dog while you’re walking in your neighborhood or in the park? If so, you may have felt afraid, perhaps thought the coyote was stalking you, or that an attack was imminent. But don’t fear. Coyotes are naturally curious animals and often engage in this behavior called “escorting”. … Read more

Opossum sighting in Ancaster


It’s February 14th, 2021, and where I live in Southern Ontario we have had a big dump of snow overnight. This has exposed an entrance to someone’s home under our deck. I highly suspect it’s an Opossum. We have seen one at night on warmer nights scavenging for food. I consider this a great thing … Read more