6 Spotted Tiger Beetle in Ancaster

Beautiful green beetle

We went on a nice hike today to the McMaster Forest, which has some very nice undisturbed areas. There is a prairie here with Big bluestem grass. McMaster Forest is a 115-acre property located at 1105 Lower Lions Club Road, Hamilton, and is owned by McMaster University. The property was designated as environmentally significant natural … Read more

My seed order for 2022


Here’s the order I just placed with OSC April 30, 2022 Product Quantity Price OSC Wildflower Seed Mixture 6830 – packet 1 $2.19 Beneficial Insect Seed Mixture 6800 – packet 1 $2.99 Subtotal: $5.18 Shipping: $6.80 via Canada Post Courier Parcel HST (13%): $1.55 Payment method: Credit Card Total: $13.53 Looking forward to getting this year’s … Read more