Fox sightings in Ancaster

The year 2020 was quite something for the number of fox sightings near me in Ancaster, Ontario. Check out this video of several young foxes in my backyard, filmed May 20, 2020. They seem to really love the new mulch we put down.

Sometimes one of the adult foxes would bother my cat. No actual combat, but some serious grandstanding. I think the fox just saw my cat as competition for food and wanted him to leave. Um no, it’s you Mr. Fox who needs to move along. Beautiful creatures though.

Here are a couple of photos taken in the same year. In the first photo, you can see the fox has a small rabbit in its mouth. I posted this observation on iNaturalist here.

This year, 2022, has seen no foxes at all where I live. Boom and bust. I’m going to go with the opinion that they’ve found greener pastures nearby.

I got a nice letter from the Hamilton Naturalist’s Club regarding the next photo, which I captured this winter in my backyard.

Hello Rick,

We are running a weekly campaign on our Twitter and Instagram channels to feature an iNaturalist observation from the Hamilton Study Area (HSA) to encourage people to get outdoors and document what they are seeing.

With your permission, we would love to use your Red Fox observation ( We will credit the photo to your iNaturalist username. If you have a Twitter and/or Instagram account please feel free to share your usernames and we can tag you in the posts as well.


HNC Staff

Red fox photo taken by author Rick Blythe
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2 thoughts on “Fox sightings in Ancaster”

  1. We saw a fox this morning in Ancaster…. Saturday December 4 2022… just sitting at the end of the driveway…. it stayed there for awhile. No fear at all.


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