My seed order for 2022

Here’s the order I just placed with OSC

April 30, 2022

OSC Wildflower Seed Mixture 6830 – packet1$2.19
Beneficial Insect Seed Mixture 6800 – packet1$2.99
Shipping:$6.80 via Canada Post Courier Parcel
HST (13%):$1.55
Payment method:Credit Card
My seed order for 2022
My seed order for 2022

Looking forward to getting this year’s project started. Lots of native plants going in this year.

May 25, 2022 Update

The seeds are coming up now. I did a terrible job broadcasting them evenly. The package suggested adding sand to the seed and mixing it before broadcasting. Lesson learned. Anyway here’s how the garden looks today-

My seed order for 2022
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