Pollinator Patch Certification

I just received this email for the Pollinator Patch Certification people here in Hamilton.

What a pleasant surprise!

Your application for Pollinator Patch Certification has been received and reviewed, and your garden is now certified and will appear on our Pollinator Paradise Map! We’d love to include some photos in our gallery or on our Instagram page if you have any to send. I apologize for the delay in confirming your application.

You can pick up your certification sign from my front porch, [redacted], whenever you’d like. My husband’s motorcycle is on the front walkway for now, so you know you’re at the right house. The signs are on kept on the porch so you can come whenever is convenient for you.

Share your recognition with the world! Use the hashtags #hamiltonpollinatorsparadise #HamOntBiodiversity and spread the message.

Once more, congratulations! You’ve earned this.The Pollinator Paradise Team

The Pollinators Paradise Project is an initiative of

Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club.
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Pollinators Paradise Project
Pollinators Paradise Project
pollinator garden
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