Poppies begone- bring in the real wildflowers

Today I was lucky to acquire some pollinator plants from a nearby neighbor who was hosting a plant giveaway. How nice of them! We got there early as we knew there would be a limited supply. They must have had thirty different species, some sun-loving, some for shade. See:

“We are all very passionate about native pollinators.”
Click to read: Ancaster resident Craig Cassar offers free pollinator plants to help endangered species

Craig Cassar

I managed to pick up (amongst other plants that I can’t remember off the top of my head) some milkweed, bergamot, little bluestem grass, coreopsis, and some grey-headed coneflowers.

Real Wildflowers

You may have read my other post about the wildflower patch I have which is full of poppies mostly. So today I’m ripping all of that out and putting these in that space. Here they will be nurtured until spring when they will find their permanent homes. I’m hoping to start a large native plant garden on my front lawn. The project marches on! Wish me luck in the comments area 🙂

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