A nature-focused garden

An Amazing Bird Journey

You can design a nature-focused garden that helps create patches of habitat that are beneficial to birds – year-round residents, winter visitors, local breeding birds, and also those that are passing through during spring and fall migrations. When you garden with birds in mind, your property can become part of a larger conservation initiative to … Read more

Mycobacterium vaccae

wildflower competition

Did you realize that the country has a natural antidepressant? When people spend time in nature or gardening, they eat or inhale the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae, which can be present in the soil. These bacteria stimulate the portion of the brain that produces serotonin. The most passionate gardeners will tell you that their garden is … Read more

My seed order for 2022


Here’s the order I just placed with OSC April 30, 2022 Product Quantity Price OSC Wildflower Seed Mixture 6830 – packet 1 $2.19 Beneficial Insect Seed Mixture 6800 – packet 1 $2.99 Subtotal: $5.18 Shipping: $6.80 via Canada Post Courier Parcel HST (13%): $1.55 Payment method: Credit Card Total: $13.53 Looking forward to getting this year’s … Read more