Nesting materials – Dos and Donts

bird nesting materials

Some springtime advice from Deborah C Sharp Please DO NOT offer yarn, string, or human hair for birds to build nests! Every year we see both young and adult birds being admitted to wildlife rehabilitators due to this. It can sometimes result in the bird losing their foot or entire leg from the yarn/string/hair slowly … Read more

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The new birdhouses are arriving

new birdhouse

This year, I’m going to put up more birdhouses than ever! I’m going to put up at least four new birdhouses this spring. I can’t wait for the birds to come and live in them! This is the first step to welcoming some new feathered friends into my life. The first one arrived by courier … Read more

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Opossum sighting in Ancaster


It’s February 14th, 2021, and where I live in Southern Ontario we have had a big dump of snow overnight. This has exposed an entrance to someone’s home under our deck. I highly suspect it’s an Opossum. We have seen one at night on warmer nights scavenging for food. I consider this a great thing … Read more

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Best Dimensions for Birdhouses


When you’re constructing a new birdbox or buying one, the overall dimensions are critical in determining which species of bird will be attracted to your new birdhouse. Also critical is the hole size. The size of the birdhouse and the hole size are important factors in attracting specific bird species. Different bird species have different … Read more

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